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Living Benefits

Most Americans surveyed believe long-term care planning is an important component of one’s retirement plan, but few are addressing the need. With increasing life expectancy, retirements may span nearly the length of one’s working years, so planning is vital. And while Americans may spend upward of 40 years planning for their retirement, they often overlook long-term care planning until families are faced with decisions.

Developing a proactive plan can make all the difference to your clients and their loved ones. Here are key points to identify as you work through this market opportunity:

  • Primary and secondary goals
  • Age and inflation options
  • Deductible period
  • Funding preference
  • Underwriting process
  • Liquidity needs
  • Tax consequences
  • Guarantees

As the options for long-term care funding solutions continue to get more complex, from annuities to life insurance to hybrid products, Trust Financial Services can help you navigate which choice is right for your clients’ unique needs.

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